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Country  Classic  Dyes:        (Back to top)

Country Classic Dyes by ProChem for wool, silk, mohair, angora, cashmere, other animal fibers and nylon.  (Note:  these are the same formula as "One Shot" dyes.)

New and experienced dyers alike appreciate the simplicity, quality, safety and price of these dyes!  Country Classic dyes are condensed, professional dyes that can be used on fibers, yarn or fabric resulting in beautiful, foolproof colors in only 30 minutes with nothing to add but water!  You can even mix several of their colors to create your own special hues - or rainbow dye with them on the stove, in the oven or in the microwave.

They give brilliant results without the hassle of most other professional dyes requiring harsh and potentially dangerous additives and activators.  Also, because these dyes are more granular rather than powdery, they are safer to use - greatly reduced risk of inhaling any dye dust particles.

To convince you of just how easy these dyes are to use, the instructions for basic, one color dyeing are as follow:

  1. Wash your fibers in very hot water. Rinse well and keep in hot water until ready to dye.

  2. Dissolve dye by mixing in a small amount of hot water.

  3. Use an enamel or stainless steel pot and bring  hot water to a simmer.

  4. Add dissolved dye to pot and stir well.

  5. Add fibers to dyepot and move them around gently- frequently enough to obtain n even color but not so much as to agitate the fibers and create felt.  Keep dye bath at a low simmer for 30 minutes.

  6. Remove fibers, rinse well in hot water, dry.

Of course, a sheet of instructions are included with each order.

  CC Dyes - Colors Available:
CCD15 - Fluorescent Yellow CCD37 - Persimmon CCD71 - Evergreen
CCD16 - Buttercup CCD33 - Ripe Tomato CCD75 - Blue Spruce
CCD17 - Maize CCD50 - Bermuda Sand CCD77 - Mountain Aqua
CCD18 - Cantaloupe CCD51 - Desert Rose CCD78 - China Jade
CCD24 - Pumpkin CCD55 - Chestnut CCD80 - Sugar Plum
CCD25 - Apricot CCD40 - Blue Bonnet CCD83 - Lilac
CCD31F - Very Hot Pink CCD41 - Cornflower CCD81 - Wild Iris
CCD34 - Strawberry CCD42 - Blueberry CCD84 - Spring Violet
CCD38 - Cherry CCD43 - Slate Blue CCD61 - Quicksilver
CCD39 - Magenta CCD74 - Avocado CCD62 - Raven
CCD44 - Teal CCD76 - Kiwi CCD20 - Butterscotch
CCD82 - Raspberry CCD70 - Spring Green CCD30 - Rust


Sample Cards of yarns dyed with CC Dyes
CCDC - $4.00
Studio Package: one jar each of all 48 colors plus color cards!
CCSP - $269.00
Country Classic Dyes, per jar
(order by color number) - $6.20
5 or more jars (same or assorted) - $5.75ea
Dye is packaged in re-sealable screw-top jars so you don't have to use it all at once.  One jar dyes up to 2lbs of fiber.

Gaywool  Dyes:          (Back to top)

These dyes are also easy to use with no additives necessary.  So what's the difference?  Yes, they cost more, but there's a little more dye for the money - and, they do have to be shipped here from New Zealand.  Also, the color range is different:  if you prefer colors that are a bit more vibrant Gaywool offers a nice selection of bright colors.  Complete instructions are included, order by color#.

Gaywool Dyes:  $15.00/jar Studio Package: One jar of every color   GWSP - $479.00 (includes shipping)
  Color cardGWCC  $3.50  (35 colors)
Gaywool Dyes - 35 Colors Available:
GW10..Mushroom GW22..Blueberry GW34..Daisy
GW11..Paw Paw GW23..Cornflower GW35..Azalea
GW12..Wattle Bark GW24..Indigo GW36..Orchid
GW13..Logwood GW25..Avocado GW37..Iris
GW14..Coal GW26..Olive GW38..Lily
GW15..Silver Birch GW27..Lucerne GW39..Cedar
GW16..Honeycomb GW28..Plum GW40..Mulberry
GW17..Pumpkin GW29..Cyclamen GW41..Musk
GW18..Madder Orange GW30..Hibiscus GW42..Crab Apple
GW19..Water Melon GW31..Primula GW43..Myrtle
GW20..Tomato GW32..Lavender  
GW21..Raspberry GW33..Violet  


Gaywool  Bush  Blends:     (Back to top)
Bush Blends are as easy to use as the original Gaywool Dyes, but in a muted natural color palette evocative of the Australian Outback. 
Bush Blends:  $10.00 Studio Package: One jar of every color   GWNNSP - $239.00
  Color Card: GWBBCC  $3.00  26 colors
Gaywool Bush Blends Dyes - 26 Colors Available:
GWBB69..Garnet GWBB59..Iceberg GWBB65..Sandstone
GWBB70..Cranberry GWBB57..Meadow GWBB64..Nutmeg
GWBB72..Salmon GWBB55..Willow GWBB63..Mustard
GWBB71..Peppercorn GWBB56..Rosemary GWBB66..Tanbark
GWBB73..Watercrest GWBB54..Ivy GWBB51.Pearl
GWBB62..Saltbush GWBB53..Wattle GWBB52..Citrus
GWBB61..Alpine GWBB50..Primrose GWBB68..Stringybark
GWBB58..Cypress GWBB74..Peppermint GWBB67..Bulloak
GWBB60.. Sugargum GWBB75..Oak  


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