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Dyeing Paraphernalia          (Back to top)

Plastic Net Dye Bags
- great for dyeing a variety of fibers in one dyepot, or several person's fibers in same pot (workshops!).  Also helps dye more evenly -about 6 bags in dyepot keeps fibers from clumping together, and they're easier to handle than fishing fibers from dyepot to rinse water!
4 net dye  bags DNet4 $2.00
A dozen net dye bags DNet12 $5.50
Plastic tri-pour safety beakers 1litre DTRI $2.20
PH Test Paper 15ft roll, plastic case, color chart              DPH $13.50
Rainbow Color Selector-Pocket Size BKD  $5.95
Rainbow Color Selector: Color wheel BKD9 $10.95

Natural Dyes:          (Back to top)
Freeze Dried Indigo                                       

This is truly amazing stuff! 2 oz will dye pounds of fiber. Judith McKenzie once told me that a pound of Freeze Dried Indigo "is enough to dye a small town in Montana."   This is the real thing - it is indigo with the mordant included then freeze dried- all you do is add water. (It is a bit more complicated than that but not much).   We have some good instructions that come with every purchase.


Except for the Natural Dyes Kit, our natural dyes and mordants do NOT come with instructions.  There are  many "recipes" for different colors and  for different fiber types (protein vs plant).  We can strongly recommend the following excellent books:

The Art & Craft of Natural Dyeing: Traditional Recipes for Modern Use, J. N. Liles  Great book from a famous natural dyer - $19.95

Complete Natural Dyeing Guide, M. Sugar. Wonderful recipes for stovetop and oven dyeing.   $17.95

The Craft of Natural Dyeing, J. Dean. Covers natural dyeing from found plants and materials, environmental and safety issues. Color, sc, 64pgs - BKD16 - $16.95.

A Dyer's Garden, R.Buchanan.  How to grow 30 dyeplants and how to get hundreds of colors from them. Color, sc, 112pgs - BKD9 - $12.95

The Dyer's Companion,  Contains basic information on natural dye "recipes" and safety information.  $19.95

Handbook of Indigo Dyeing, V. Prideaux. This is a new reference book on this very popular dye.  $25.00

Indigo: From Seed to Dye, D. Miller.  The title about covers it. BW, sc - BKD13 - $13.95

Indigo, Madder & Marigolds: A Portfolio of Colors from Natural Dyes, T.vanStralen.  This hardcover book is truly a marvelous resource for natural dyers.  Trudy's methods involve using less mordants than traditional recipes, but colors are brilliant!  Color, 127pgs. - BKD29 - $29.95

Mushrooms for Color, M. Rice.  Covers mushroom identification, basic dyeing procedures, recipes for colorfast results.  Color,bw,sc, 154pgs - BKD18 - $18.95

Natural Dyes, G. Fereday This is an absolutely gorgeous book filled with pictures and good information. It is organized by color group and fiber.  $34.95

Navajo & Hopi Dyes, B.Rieske. Traditional dye recipes using local dyes and naturally occurring mordants. BW, sc, 90pgs. - BKD17 - $17.95



For more books please check the book section of the online store.


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