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Cellulose, Cellulosic and Synthetic Fibers

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Cellulose Fibers


There is a lot of cotton available from a lot of places.
The cotton and cotton blends listed here come from
Eileen Hallman of New World Textiles. She has a
passion for not only her fibers, but also for the
environment and the small farm producer. Most of
her fibers are either organically grown, blended with
recycled blue jeans fibers, or limited supply natural
colored cotton, or fibers from a renewable source
such as new forms of rayon. ‘Nuff said about all
the "right" aspects of her fibers – they’re also
incredibly wonderful to spin!


Naturally Colored Cotton  - sold in 4 ounce bags or as noted

NOUP - Organic Upland cotton sliver

NBRWNCOT - Natural Brown Cotton

NGRNCOT - Natural Green Cotton


Cotton / Flax Blends

NCC Carolina Cottolin (white cotton/flax)

NBF Brown cotton/flax blend


Cotton / Hemp Blends

NWL White Lightning (white cotton/hemp)



Cotton / Wool blends

NSL-Silver Lining (grey fine wool/cotton)

NBLS-Blue Stocking (RBJ blended w/wool)


Cotton / Silk Blends



7.117-Super Fine Water Retted Flax Top

7.110-Dew Retted Flax Top (coarser) 

7.120-Bleached Flax combed tow

7.115-Flax Stricks, combed long line (3.5oz) 


Cellulosic Fibers

SSNO - Natural Soy Silk





Synthetic Fibers



Hand Dyed Fiber Artistry / Natural Protein Fibers/ Cellulose/Cellulosic and Synthetic Fibers




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