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Hand Dyed Fiber Artistry

Let me introduce you to some fabulous fiber artists!



Chasing Rainbows Dyeworks


Chasing Rainbows Dyeworks begins with the color genius of Nancy Finn. Add extraordinary fiber and you have spinning heaven. All 52 colorways from Chasing Rainbows Dyeworks are available in Merino Top, Merino/Tussah Sliver, Merino/Bombyx Top, Merino/Kid Mohair Top, Merino/Tencel Top, Bombyx Silk Sliver, Bombyx Silk Bricks, Silk Hankies, Tussah Silk Sliver, Tussah/Cashmere Top and Merino/Cashmere Top. We have listed the colorways and when you click on the color way you will get  choice of which fiber you want as well as a listing of the prices of each.


Crosspatch Creations and Three Bags Full

At CNCH in Grass Valley in 2003 I had the wonderful fortune to meet Joan Contraman of Crosspatch Creations and Diana Hachenberger of Three Bags Full. They raise sheep in the Bitterroot Valley of Montana and dye and blend the most wonderful fiber concoctions. Joan and Diana make several different fiber blends. Each blend is fleece specific and is limited in quantity. Some color ways are made every year, some are available every once in a while and some are only made once.


Crosspatch Creations Spin Ready Batts    

These heavenly concoctions are the hand work of Joan Contraman. She begins with the fleece of her beloved flock and washes, picks, dyes and blends wonderful hand carded batts. All are a combination of wool with silk and silk noil, often Joan adds, tencel, angora and other blending fiber to create one of a kind batts. The yarn produced from the batts is FABULOUS giving  loads of color and texture and a truly exciting spinning experience.  Available in 4 ounce bags.


Crosspatch Creations Rainbow and Triple Play Rovings

In addition to the Spin Ready Batts, Joan starts with the finer fleeces in her flock and after washing and dyeing them she adds silk and other blending fibers and sends them off to be processed at the mill. They come back as a carded roving that must be touched and spun to be believed. Rovings are available in both "single" color and triple play. Available in 4 ounce bags.


Three Bags Full Rovings

Diana starts with her mostly Merino and CVM flock to create some marvelous rovings. Like Joan she washes and dyes her fiber and adds silk, silk noil, tencel and other exotic fibers to create some of the softest rovings i have ever worked with. They are absolutely dreamy to spin and perfect for both the new spinner (because they are carded rovings they are super easy to spin) and the experienced spinner as well. The yarn is soft and lofty and good for all those close to the skin projects!  Available in 4 ounce balls.


Totally Tubular

Crosspatch Creations and Three Bags Full have delicious fine fiber Rovings that start with Merino or CVM and have loads of silk, tencel, silk noil, angora and assorted other goodies added.  Regularly Joan and Diana get together to create  their unique "Totally Tubular" Spinning Kits. The color ways change with what is available. Each tube comes with spinning tips (instructions) and a pattern specially designed for the color effects created as you spin. And the tubes make great Spindle or Knitting needle cases once you have spun all the fiber!


Learn more about Crosspatch Creations and Three Bags Full.


Curious Creek Fibers

What magical colors! We only have one fiber hand dyed at Curious Creek Fibers and that is SILK! Soon we will be fortuanate to add Kristine Brook's Fabulous sock yarn but for now we have to settle for silk. Kristine Brooks and her partner live and work in the San Diego area.

Learn more about Curious Creek Fibers

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Elemental Affects

Jeane deCoster is the brilliant light behind Elemental Affects. Jeane has a passion for Shetland Sheep and for promoting American grown wool. She has partnered with Judith MacKenzie McCuin to create a truly wonderful Shetland yarn which you will find in our knitting section. But here i am going to talk about her spinning fibers. Color Fancies are dry blended color way of delightful and easy spinning Romney. Jeane starts with a clip from Northern California and washes and dyes it by hand. The next step is to send it to Morro Fleece Works where Shari McKelvy works magic using Jeane's recipes for dry blending colors. What you get is a set of colorways that shift slowly from one color to the next. The secret to beautifully shaded garments is the dry blended color and your hand spinning!

Color Fancies

 Learn more about Elemental Affects





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