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Fleece  Washing Cleansers and Preparation Supplies

& Fiber Preparation Equipment - Combs, Hackles, Hand Cards, & Drum Carders

The links will take you to our online store for a full description of each of the available products.  
  • Fleece Washing Cleansers and Preparation Supplies - Fleece washing cleansers - There are a of great products on the market now for cleaning fleece and finished goods.  We now carry all of your favorites - and maybe some you haven't tried.  They are all effective and smell great!  Do your own study and see which cleanser you prefer.  
  • Combs - For the preparation of wool top for a true worsted yarn.  You can prepare your own wool top of perfectly aligned fibers for joyful spinning of true worsted yarn.  All combs come with instructions. Choose from The Spinning Studio St Blaise Double Row Combs, Contraman Comfort Combs, Indigo Hound Viking, English or Russian Combs, or Louet Mini Combs. 

  • Hackles - Used for preparation of wool top and for fiber blending.  Choose from our selection of Forsyth Mini and Regular Hackles, and Indigo Hound Hackles.    

  • Hand Cards  Come in several varieties of carding cloth for wool, cotton, and exotic fibers. Finer cards are primarily used for very fine wool, cotton and exotic fibers.  Wool cards are generally curved, and cotton cards are generally flat (unless otherwise noted).  Choose from Ashford, Glimakra, Louet, Schacht and Strauch.

  • Flickers - Used for opening locks for carding or spinning.  A quick flick at each end of a lock of fleece will open it up, help remove second cuts, and weathered tips, and loosen organic matter or other debris.  

  • Drum Carders - Drum carding is undoubtedly the quickest, easiest way to prepare and blend fibers.  Preparing several pounds of fiber takes a fraction of the time it would take to hand card or comb the same amount.  When you’re preparing your own blends of fibers and/or colors, you can not only experiment and determine just the right proportions, but also get much more consistent results in larger quantities.  There are many different drum carders on the market, ranging from "mini" or roving carders to big heavy duty double-wide motorized carders. The one you choose should be suitable for your purposes and types of fibers you enjoy working with. 


Hope to see you at one of the shows – contact us if you want information regarding any of these products.



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