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Silk braiding was introduced into Japan in the 7th Century. Braids were used for tying scrolls, fastening clothing (such as the small leather plates of Samurai armor), and in cultural activities. After the Samurai were abolished in the mid 19th Century, braids were used principally for obi (sash) ties and this continues today.

The art of Japanese braiding was a closely guarded secret until quite recently. It is now in practice in the Western world . Because there is less restriction from tradition in the choice of design and materials, truly unique, contemporary braid results are now being seen.

p34a_kumiset.jpg (18917 bytes)
Kumihimo set with bobbins

MAJACRAFT handcrafts kumihimo equipment using exacting standards: hand turning each marudai (stand) and individually weighting every bobbin to a high degree of accuracy

Please see our Online Shopping Cart for:
  • TAWA is the premier marudai (stand) made from beautifully grained NZ timber. Tawa has a 25cm mirror (top) and is 42cm high.

  • MIRO has a 20cm mirror, made of MDF with an attractive wood grain finish.

  • Bobbins are individually weighted in three sizes. Smooth shape ensures comfort in handling and less fraying of and wear on threads. Comes in box of Rimu timber with sliding lid.

Kumihimo Sets: Includes stand of your choice 8x70gm bobbins with box, and instruction book.

Video: Kumihimo: Japanese Braiding with R. Owen. Step-by-step development of everything concerned with the process of braiding. Simplifies and broadens the text of his book (below), especially for the beginner. Available in VHS or DVD   29.95

Most books about Japanese Braiding and Kumihimo provide clear directions on this relaxing, meditative craft.

Beads and Braids, J Carey 39.95
Beginners Guide to Braiding, J Carey 15.95
Braids: 250 patterns, R. Owen 29.95
Creative Kumihimo, J Carey 29.95
Kumihimo: Japanese Silk Braiding Techniques C Martin 14.95
Hope to see you at one of the shows – contact us if you want information regarding any of these products.



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