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Welcome to the new book page. The books are now listed by category in the shopping cart so that you can buy them online! I will use this page to tell you what is new and what is coming out in the near future. If you find a book that you find particularly useful and you think I should carry it- please let me know. Also send me your reviews of any of these books as I am creating a review page and I would love to include your reviews.


                                   by Jacqui Carey

Hundreds of sumptuous braided designs are arranged by structure, from twisted and knotted pieces to more elaborate looped and woven examples. Each braid features a beautiful close-up photograph, materials list, step-by-step instructions, and easy-to-follow color illustrations to guide crafters along. Each technique is explored in-depth, followed by tips on starting and finishing braids and advice for incorporating braids into other textile projects.

I love this book! It has so many different kinds of braiding. One of those absolutely indispensable books. You can make jewelry, sweater closures, straps for all kinds of things, even cat leashes!

200 Braids To Twist, Knot, Loop or Weave    $27.95

Knit Kimono

From casual to formal, the kimono shape has endured for centuries as an internationally recognized icon of Japanese life and culture. With 18 original designs, each a knitted interpretation of a traditional kimono style, this handbook makes knitting homemade kimonos deceptively easy. Projects are based on rectangular forms that require very little shaping, and are ideal first-garment projects for knitters wanting to venture beyond scarves. Clever details in stitch patterns and edgings, such as the use of silk, linen, and bamboo yarns, add sophistication and elegance to even the simplest designs. The flattering drape and luxurious style of the kimono will appeal to veteran and beginning knitters alike.



New Pathways for Sock Knitters

 New from Cat Bordhi   $28.95

8 new kinds of sock architecture, 26 individual patterns and 8 master patterns (which can be made in any size, any gauge, with infinite variations)

Teach yourself Visually Handspinning

by Judith MacKenzie McCuin   $21.99


With its soothing, meditative effect, hand spinning is a relaxing hobby, and the beautiful yarns you create are an even better reward. This visual guide shows you the basics, beginning with the tools and fibers, and takes you through spinning, plying, making novelty yarns, using exotic fibers, dyeing, and more. Whether you use an inexpensive hand spindle or splurge on a spinning wheel, stick with wool or try alpaca, cashmere, or cotton, you′ll learn how to create fun, original, one–of–a–kind yarns that you can knit or weave into truly unique, handmade, and all–natural creations.

Judith is without a doubt one of my very most favorite teachers. I can take any class she teaches and be very happy and learn more than i ever think i can take in! This book offers some of her wit and wisdom about spinning and fibers to all!

Teach Yourself Visually Handspinning



A guide to knitting, needlepoint, crochet, weaving and spinning stores and guilds in the United States
by Directions Press
List Price:  $19.95 
Or Just Stop Worrying and Sew the Dang Things Together
by Prudence Mapstone


Since the inception of the internet, like-minded souls have found it much easier to get together to share knowledge, ideas and inspiration. Artistic pursuits no longer need to be carried out in isolation, and many traditional crafts are becoming group experiences. This book tells the tale of one such collaboration, and is a celebration of personal creativity through freeform crochet.


Coming Soon!!!!!

I am working on my list of reference and inspiration books every fiber artist should own.


Watch here for the link




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