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Hand Spinning

- Learning to Spin and Teaching Spinning –

Knitters and weavers: before you flip to the yarns section of the catalog, do consider learning how to spin your own yarns! Check with your local fiber guild or arts centers for a spinning teacher. If no one is available, don’t lose heart – there are good books and great videos to help get you started.

Those of you who DO spin don’t need any reminders about the incredible gratifying/satisfying sensations this activity brings. But with this comes the responsibility of sharing that knowledge – every spinner should teach at least one other person how to spin.

Hand Spinning - Spindle Spinning

So – whether you want to learn or want to teach, how about starting with a great kit:

LEARN TO SPIN KIT: Contains clean, easy-to-spin roving, a high / low whorl spindle  and illustrated instructions that have almost anyone spinning yarn in their first few tries. Once you spin up all of the roving included, you’ll have enough yarn to knit a hat, a pair of socks, or mittens.

This is also a great gift from spinners to their non-spinning friends!


Essential Tools & Accessories for Spinners

Honestly, how awful would it be if at a spinning workshop or meeting or demo when you suddenly have a broken drive band, or a missing orifice hook, or a squeaky wheel with no oil handy…? It’s bad enough when it happens at home and you have to stop spinning and start hunting down emergency substitutes.

A well-equipped spinning basket with just the handy supplies you need (or might need) will afford you the luxury of worry-free spinning and certainly less stress when mishaps strike.

The exact contents of your spinning basket depend on:

Make and model of your wheel

Type(s) of fibers and preparations you usually spin.

The level of preparedness you’d be most comfortable with.

First, there are the absolute essentials:

Oil in a small needle-nose bottle

Schacht Spinning Wheel Oil, steel "needle" nosed plastic oil bottle to your spinning wheel. *Ashford’s large bottle has a larger, plastic tipped dispenser top – but also good to use to refill your Schacht oil bottle!)  Kromski Spinning Oil comes in a small bottle with a long thin metal tip. 

Extra bobbins

Ashford, Bosworth, Columbine, Fricke, Lendrum, Louët, Majacraft, and Schacht bobbins are available - see your wheel section for ordering.

Then, consider the make and model of your wheel and make a list of items that you’d like to have as "spares". (Ashford wheel owners: items included in an "official" Ashford maintenance kit are marked *Ashford.)

Drive band - (*Ashford cotton, Ashford "Turbo", Lendrum, Louët, and Majacraft stretchy drive bands are listed with their wheels; Schacht cotton drive band.

Brake band (for Scotch tension) - (*Ashford. Others: use a large gauge dental tape, fishing line, strong cotton.)

Tension spring - (In a pinch, a small rubber band makes a handy, if temporary, replacement tension spring. ) *Ashford, Majacraft, Schacht

Flyer hooks -  *Ashford; special sliding hooks for Lendrum, Majacraft, and Louet wheels)

Footman/treadle connectors - (Many newer models use a flexible synthetic material that is held with a screw. *Ashford; other wheels we carry – by special order, inquire. Older wheels can be fixed with a piece of string or leather lacing.)


Orifice Hook - Lots of pretty, fancy orifice hooks are available. Just make sure the hook you choose fits through the orifice of your wheel and is long enough.  

Special tools to adjust your wheel - (Louet wrench that came with your wheel; Majacraft "key" to adjust whorl position by special order.; small phillips head and flat screwdrivers)

Other handy little tools include:

Inch Gauge

To determine wraps or twists per inch, , Schacht’s "Dizzy Yarn Gauge" includes diz, 1" and 2" gauges all in one piece (at right).


Diz with Threader- Majacraft Brass Diz with a small hook.


Sampler size - Little Niddy Noddy


Spinner's Control Card


Spinning Project Cards, & the WPI Tool from Nancy's Knit Knacks


Lantern Moon Baskets - These beautiful and useful baskets can hold equipment, fiber or yarn.  


Hand Cream and Emory Boards - see our Self Care section for great products to keep your hands and nails smooth and snag-free.


Items we don't sell but belong in your spinning basket:

Roll of "scotch" tape (to attach leader to new bobbin and to help find the end of that fine yarn that disappeared onto your bobbin).


Spinning Wheels

Spinning Wheels: Shop online / Details about the Models we carry

So many choices! After carefully considering the variety available, I believe you’ll find a good assortment here of wheels "tried and true" with readily available parts, bobbins, accessories and most have been on the market long enough to withstand the test of time, with modifications made along the way as improvements.

The wheels are listed alphabetically by manufacturer. I tried to include important considerations for each wheel, but please do not hesitate to call for details if needed. If you do not have the opportunity to try out a variety of wheels, do call and we can discuss which wheel might be most appropriate for you. Yes some are better suited to certain types of yarns than others, but MOST are versatile enough (perhaps with an accessory or two) to handle any type of spinning. I cannot deny that I have my favorites, but that’s ok – selecting a spinning wheel is like buying a car – the options, performance, price range, and ultimately personal preference all need to be taken into consideration.


Please see our Online Shopping Cart for:


Hope to see you at one of the shows – contact us if you want information regarding any of these products.



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