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Yarn Handling Equipment and Tools

Whether you’re a knitter, spinner, weaver or other yarn fiber artisan, you’ll be sure to work (play?)

more productively and happily when equipped with timesaving and task-reducing tools.


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WINDING SKEINS & BALLS OF YARN  Yarn handlers need to prepare skeins:
Spinners need to skein yarn from bobbins to set the twist. Knitters and weavers skein yarn from cones
or balls to full them or dye them.  There are easier ways to make a skein than winding yards and yards
of yarn over your hand and elbow!

  • Niddy Noddies  Watching a pro use a niddy noddy is fascinating - fluid, graceful
    and efficient movements.  Great tool for a reasonable price for the occasional skein.  The sampler
    niddy noddies are a "must have" in every spinner's basket!  Don't know how to use a niddy noddy? 
    - Check out our Tips page for instructions!

  • Winding and Unwinding Skeins  For delightfully fast, efficient winding of skeins,
    you can't beat the tools specifically made for that job!  We have beautiful skeinwinders and
    swifts in a broad range of styles and prices -- all much better than begging a family member to sit
    patiently holding a skein between their hands while you wind balls, or struggling to unwind a skein
    draped over the back of a chair. Get the tools you need and spend more time spinning or knitting.
  • Ball Winding  On of the most significant tool inventions for the fiber enthusiast.  Make a neat,
    stackable center-pull ball in a matter of minutes.  If you haven't used one yet - DON'T - unless you're
    prepared to go ahead and order one for yourself right away!  

  • Nostepindes  These simple tools are used to hand-wind a center pull ball. 
    Perfectly portable, and no moving parts to break down.  

  • Yarn Measuring  Now you can always be sure that you have enough yarn for your project. 
     Several options are available from basic to professional models.  Check them all out!  




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