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Looms - Weaving Books and Videos

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Your Weaving Studio

An important part of any weaving studio is the reference library. It is your source for valuable technical information and threading/treadling sequences for various types of weave structures, as well as a source for inspiration for your own designs and patterns. These days, videos are also an important part of the weaver’s reference library. How wonderful to be able to actually see a certain technique – and be able to rewind and replay any section as many times as you need to without trying the instructor’s patience!

Another valuable resource for the handweaver, spinner and dyer is membership in "Handweavers Guild of America" which is a non-profit international organization devoted to preserving traditions and techniques in our textile heritage, inspiring contemporary and future fiber crafting, and ultimately to continue improving and expanding existing programs and develop new programs for continuing education opportunities. Current programs include "Certificates of Excellence" in weaving, handspinning, dyeing and basketry, "Convergence" - a fiber conference held every other year, video & slide & textile kit rentals for members, TLC – "Teaching and Learning through Correspondence" through which you can learn by mail, and a wonderful "Beginners’ Hotline" for problem solving over the phone. Membership fees also include a subscription to the award-winning quarterly journal "Shuttle Spindle & Dyepot". For membership information, or to join, call HGA at 770 495 7702, or go to our website for a link to their website or write to them at PO Box 930148, Atlanta GA 31193.

Books on Waeving:
  • Learning to Weave 
  • Hands on Weaving
  • Hands on Rigid Heddle Weaving
  • The Ashford Book of Weaving 
  • A Handweaver’s Pattern Book
  • Inkle Weaving
  • Weaving, Spinning & Dyeing

Introduction to Weaving
57min, with Deborah Chandler

Beginning Four Harness Weaving
86min, with Deborah Chandler

Rigid Heddle Weaving 93min, Betty Davenport (author of Hands On Rigid Heddle Weaving)

Tapestry Weaving 110min, N Harvey

Tips, Tricks & Problem Solvers for the Handweaver 60min, w/ Sallie Guy

Hope to see you at one of the shows – contact us if you want information regarding any of these.



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