On the Road Again

(A brief update from Lann while Morgaine is traveling.)

Sorry for the long delay between posts – it has been an amazing Spring.   You can always tell that “show season” has started, because our house starts to look like an archeological dig – a big layer of things that haven’t been touched since “Before Stitches” with a whole lot of the day-to-day rubble of life since then on top.  I am trying to dig out and catch up.

The best part of show season is that we get to see so many of our friends in person.   Morgaine got an early start on that with the recent retreat classes with Judith MacKenzie McCuin – several days at a time up at Point Bonita for spinning, then weaving.  It was a perfect time to visit the Bay Area – warming weather, blooming flowers everywhere and that wonderful feeling that life itself is bursting through all adversity.

Going to see the musical “Wicked” probably helped too – such a wonderful mix of childhood memories blended with stunning costumes, great performances and witty lyrics – we’ve been singing songs from it since.   I highly recommend that you see it if you get the chance, because it will redefine whether you consider yourself “a good witch, or a bad witch.”  We decided that “Defying Gravity” is our new theme song for loading in – and especially loading out after each show.

Morgaine is currently somewhere in Arkansas enroute to Atlanta for Stitches South.  We are really looking forward to this new show, and getting to see more of the countryside.  I will fly out to join her there, and then we’ll head into the Carolinas for a day or so of rest (so precious when she literally only takes a few days off each year!) before we arrive at Maryland Sheep and Wool.   I’ll fly home and Morgaine will trek back across the country to go to TKGA in Portland.   It’s over 6600 miles in all.

Merlin and Maggie are also having a great time as they all got to spend some time caravaning with Morgaine’s Mom across the Southwest (AZ to AR).  They just love getting to the campground each night and running over to Patti’s RV to get treats.   The long days and hard driving in wind and weather didn’t leave them much time or energy for visiting in the evenings, but they got to spend a whole day together enjoying one of the beautiful State Parks before parting to go to their separate events.

Well i’m off to go work on orders and get to the Post Office (yes – we even have one open on Sundays here – no rest for the wicked…).  Hope all of your are thoroughly enjoying this bright new day.    – Lann

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