Spin For Peace Super Bowl Sunday Sale

Has any one ever noticed that there just are not enough hours in the day? I am working like crazy and at the end of the day the to-do list seems to have gotten longer rather than shorter. How does that happen?

Super Bowl Sunday is coming right up and we are having our annual Spin For Peace Sale. Those of you who know me have heard it before – but I will tell the tale for those who have not heard it. The Super Bowl Sunday Sale started back when I first bought Carolina Homespun. Our first sale was at the end of my first year as the new owner.

In my previous incarnation as a psychotherapist I “specialized” in working with family violence – I worked with incest and child abuse survivors and with same sex domestic violence. The worst day of the year for domestic violence was believed to be Super Bowl Sunday – no real statistics just anecdotal evidence. In other words – experience. The experiences of many shelter and hot line workers led us to believe that on this particular day there is a higher than average incidence of domestic violence. I could go on and on about my theories – but lets save that for some later time. What I did decide was that thru fiber I might be able to make a statement and a magical act so I started the Super Bowl Sunday Spin For Peace Sale.

This year beginning on Saturday, January 25 – we will start our Sale with in the shop and internet specials on fiber.  First up will be this great bump of merino I got from Australia. The regular price is $22 per pound and while it last the sale price will be over 30% off or $15/pound.

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