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I am constantly amazed at the internet – Blogs and websites and how fast information travels. I must really come from another century where information traveled so much slower and clothing took time, care, attention and intention. (Watch for more on Slow Clothes!).

To those who have commented – thank you! It means a great deal to me to be part of such a loving and warm fiber community. I love the sense of tribe I feel when I go to the Black Sheep Gathering or Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival or Stitches. The feeling of building a village that goes with each festival. I guess it is not really just a feeling – in many ways it is a reality. At Black Sheep Gathering the volunteers, organizers teachers and vendors start gathering early, the ranchers and farmers start arriving with sheep and bunnies and goats – many of us set up our tents and trailers out in the parking lot and the village begins. Next morning we begin to build the market place and by the time the fair opens we have done it – created our own little village – complete with market, food and animals. This same building of community happens over and over – through out the year at all different kinds of fiber events. Each one has its own unique flavor but all are intentional communities.

We come together to share and to show off the things that matter most to each of us. We show off what we have created in the past year – all the skeins and shawls and sweaters and socks – whether entered in the competitions or simply worn with pride – we share our accomplishments with friends and family. We come together to share our news – new lambs, new loves, new babies, new businesses, and new farms. There are hugs and laughter and tears when we connect with friends we see maybe only once a year. There are also the hugs and tears that go with sad news and losses shared.

I don’t in any way mean to idealize our community. We have our fair share of struggles and difficulties – even meanness. But I like to think that with intention we can create the kind of community that we want to live in. I believe that we can choose our actions and behave in the ways we want to be treated – kind of like that saying that you want no more tension in your spinning wheel than you do in your life.

I am learning to be grateful for the internet and the ways it allows us to stay in connection – all the invisible electronic threads that weave us together throughout cyber space and through out the year.

We had a sale at Carolina Homespun this past Saturday – almost no notice except I put it up on the website and sent an email – oh like the day before. And we spent the day laughing and hugging so many old friends we had not seen for many months. It was FABULOUS!!!!

So now I am getting ready to go for a visit to see my Mom and then on to TNNA in San Diego. When I get back we will be ready for the Super Bowl Sunday Spin for Peace Sale. Last year we started the sale early so everyone could be ready for Super Bowl Sunday. We will start this year on Jan 22 (which just happens to coincide with the official beginning of the International Year of Natural Fiber) and continue thru Feb 1.
Spin For Peace

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