Spin For Peace

Happy New Year!

Tis a beautiful day to start something new and i am starting a blog. I have had my share of experience learning from the Fool in the Tarot – taking a leap of faith and beginning anew …. moving to San Francisco to go to graduate school, believing in love and getting married to my partner of 26 years and hoping the State of California will allow our marriage to stand, buying Carolina Homespun and closing my psychotherapy practice of 20 years to follow the fiber road and make spinning and fiber my life.

Starting a blog should be a piece of cake by comparison. Yet somehow today it seems a huge leap to go from private to public with thoughts and dreams for the future.  To create a place to talk about what is going on in my world – whether it is about fiber, knitting,  spinning,  my travels on the fiber road, magic, the politics of equality or world peace is my goal here. I hope you will join me in this conversation.

Tina Newton of Blue Moon Fiber Arts wrote a beautiful piece this morning on Knitting for Peace where she invited knitters around the world to knit with the intention of Peace, to invoke Peace as we knit, even to knit Peace swatches. I am drawn to the intent of Tibetan Prayer flags and have thought about knitting Prayer Flags for Peace. Wouldn’t it be a lovely sight to see hills and homes fluttering with hundreds of knitted prayer flags for peace?

Spin For Peace- I have long believed that if everyone, everywhere spun for an hour every day – the result, intended or otherwise, would be world peace.

ASHÉ  May it be so!

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