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just a quick note to let you all know that i have reconnected the blog – had to move it to our new website. So check the link at Carolina Homespun for the new address.

Seems like i have been on the road forever. This trip started with CNCH in Santa Clara way back in mid April. At the end – we packed up the YarnV or the Yarnabago as Abby calls it and i headed south on my way to Stitches South in Atlanta. Made a couple of stops along the way – want to write more about exploring old Route 66… but will have to wait a bit for that. Visited my Mom in Arizona and stopped at Cecil Miskin’s Buffalo Ranch in Texas.

Stitches South was wonderful and has really grown. I loved getting to see the people we taught to spin last year coming in and showing off their handspun projects – but i have to say i really need your help – i am terrible at remembering to take photos for the blog. So it would help if you remind me or just send me pictures! Got to catch up with our friend Nada while she helped us in the booth and had Rachael Herron signing her fab new book “How to Knit a Love Song” all weekend.

Next up was Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival – more people than ever before and HOT – over 90.  After Maryland Lann headed for home and so did Maggie, Merlin and i – although our trip has certainly been much longer than Lann’s. We headed east and a bit south to stop and visit Abby Franquemont and talk about her upcoming spindle class at GGFI. It sounds really exciting – makes me wish i could take it as well.

We left Abby’s and drove like crazy to get ahead of the incoming storms- so we just had wind and rain – but not really any thunderstorms or tornados! Stopped near Kansas City to see Jacey Boggs and check in about her GGFI class and just visit – we mostly only she each other at festivals or events and there is never much time to actually visit. It was fabulous to sit and have a real conversation!

Now i am seriously homeward bound- i am ready to be home and still have about 1200 miles to go. The driving would be pleasant with all the spring greenery and flowers and wildlife – except for the wind which blows you sideways off the road if you are not careful!

more soonest and don’t forget to Spin For Peace

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2 Responses to from the road

  1. Leslie says:

    Safe journey to you, Morgaine! And while you are away, I have placed my order for a DT Lendrum! I didn’t realize Lann was already home, so I thought it would be a while before I would hear back. But it seems I may be getting it tonight-if Lann’s around for me to pick it up! So excited! I think it has been a good 5 years since you first recommended this wheel to me-and since you taught me to spindle!

  2. morgaine says:

    i am so happy you were able to get your wheel! Getting a wheel is soooooo exciting!
    Happy spinning and hopefully i will see you soon!

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