A Brilliant Blue Good Morning

I woke up early this morning (well early for me) i usually do the first morning in a new time zone going west. This is the first day in 30 days that i have woken up in the same time zone as my family in San Francisco! Also the first day in what seems like forever that the sky is brilliant blue and the sun is that amazing high desert sunshine that tears thru everything and wakes you in a blaze of brightness. I will try to take a picture today but i know my skills as a photographer just won’t do it justice ;-)

We – Maggie, Merlin and i have been driving thru the craziest weather- windy, rain and hail in Nebraska, wind, snow and hail thru Wyoming and Utah and snow in Eastern Nevada. The Ruby Mountains (a range in Eastern Nevada that is generally rugged and very dry) was snow covered almost down to the highway in places. Quite spectacular! According to Lann who watches the weather from home – we should have clear sailing for the rest of our trip and thank goodness for that – my arms are tired from holding the YarnV on the road.

My card for today is the Princess of Swords. In the Wheel of Change deck the princess is a brown skinned woman kneeling in her camp. Her horse and her tent are behind her and before her is a knife she is using to tan a hide. There is small garden filled with flowers and a brilliant sun in the sky above her. Alexandra Genetti (the author of the deck) says the princes of swords represents “the ability to learn from nature, the past and the future and to weave these threads into a new and unique life.”  mmmm interesting ……….

I have been reading the 100 most influential people of 2010 issue of Time magazine and thinking about the directions we are going and how that is reflected in the fiber community and whether or not to open a Facebook account at long last. (One’s mind wanders while driving the long miles between West Friendship and San Francisco.) I am not sure how Time magazine decided who are the 100 most influential people of the year. I would be curious to know. They did figure out a matrix of connectedness based on social networking connections online – Twitter and Facebook scores.  Did you know that from their list the most connected people are Barack Obama, Lady Gaga, and Ashton Kutcher?

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  1. deborah cooper says:

    Please get on facebook. it’s a good way to be connected and know what your friends are doing. miss you!

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