BOGO – Buy One Get One Free I have always just thought of it as a really cool sale. Something to pay attention to with the possibility of getting a really good deal- that is until last week. I was at the grocery store buying food for my first night at home. The store was having a BOGO sale on a carton of 18 eggs. The woman ahead of me in  line was talking to the man behind her – someone from out of town on a camping trip with a big family and a tight budget. She was saying that she didn’t herself need the extra eggs but she was sure that someone would.  He said he could really use the eggs for his kids and so she gave him the “free” eggs.

What a fabulous thing to do! I really wish more people could and would give away free eggs at the grocery store. Too bad it is not something you could buy and leave in the food donation box at the front of the store.

We have been cleaning and rearranging the shop and thinking about having a clearance sale over Memorial Day weekend. In honor of the eggs we are going to make it a BOGO sale. We have loads of fiber, books, videos, magazines, yarn and even some equipment that we will be marking down and clearing out! Save the dates – Friday, May 28, Saturday, May 29 and Monday , May 31 will be very good days to go shopping for fiber!

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