Passion Flower

Who knew that planting passion flower in San Francisco was a mistake? When Lann and i moved into our house in 1999 we decided to plant our tiny garden for the butterflies, bees and hummingbirds. So we cleaned out all the trash and weeds and put in lots of fertilizer and food and clean dirt and then busily planted jasmine, butterfly bush, fuschia, lavender, a few roses and 2 small passion flower vines – 1 red and 1 purple.

Then our lives changed. I bought Carolina Homespun and eventually Lann went to work for San Francisco General Hospital. We both lead very busy lives and the garden began to get neglected a bit. The good news is that we had created a little micro climate that seemed to require no care or watering on our part. The bad news is that passion flower left unchecked will take over the entire neighborhood.  Like jasmine i think it is an annual in some parts of the world – not San Francisco. The passion flower grew until it covered every thing – the butterfly bushes, the bee balm, the lavender, the roses, even the big mallow bush in the corner. If we did not whack it back at least once in a while it would cover the second floor porch and probably the back wall of the house!

Starting earlier this spring we have been making a concerted effort to reclaim the back yard. (the Jasmine was working its way inside the basement and the passion flower had once more reached the back deck – strong enough that the cats – even Cate at 20 pounds- could walk on it to get from fence up to the back deck railing.  So every time there is a reasonably warm, dry day and we are both home – something that really does not happen very often for so many reasons ;-) we go out and spend a few hours trying to tame the passion flower beast.

We did this again on Sunday.  We are now far enough in to get to the center of our little yard. Lann actually uncovered or reclaimed our little brick patio that is up close to the house and i got to wrangle the passion flower in the yard proper (remember it is still a little yard but even a little yard shoulder deep in passion flower is a rather daunting task. We now have a patch of dirt that the cats are truly enjoying – they played queen of the hole the whole time we sat out and watched the light change and admired our work at the end of the day on Monday – a ritual we refer to as porch time.

I say all this not because you really need to know the struggles we are having with our passion flower but because today i discovered that inventory is somewhat like that wild and crazy passion flower.  If left unchecked it expands beyond your capacity to contain it! So here i begin the list of things we will have on SALE for Memorial Day weekend.

  • Soy Felt Kits
  • Single Point Lighted Knitting Needles- Knit Lights
  • 2010 Spindle Calendars
  • Cotton mill ends for weaving
  • Dyed Bamboo and Ingeo
  • undyed Soy Silk
  • Harrisville Dyed Fleece for felting
  • Gaywool dyes
  • Country Classic dyes
  • Baby Llama, Baby Camel and Baby Alpaca Top
  • Taupe nylon spinning fiber
  • assorted natural color coned yarns – like rayon chenille, cotton chenille and some wools

Be sure to check the website – for times and all that kind of stuff!

I will add to the list tomorrow.

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