friday morning goes around

i don’t know about other cities but in San Francisco the city cleans each street once a week – more accurately it cleans one side of the street on one day and the other side of the street on another day.  There are signs on every street posting the time and day of street cleaning and if you are parked there you will get a ticket. for us street cleaning is Friday morning – posted as between 9 and 11am, but in reality the street cleaner comes between 9:15 and 9:30 most Fridays.  Many of my neighbors just get up and go to work but about a dozen of us gather to do an elaborate dance of moving cars and trucks and 1 YarnV. We all go out and sweep our sidewalks and chat about what is going on in the neighborhood and drive onto the sidewalks or across the street or in my case around the block to pull back into the parking space in front of the house after the meter maid and the sweeper have gone by – the Friday morning goes around is a weekly ritual when i am at home.

This morning as i usually do – i swept the sidewalk and drove around the block and then came in to finish moving things around in the shop for the weekend sale. It looks like the weather will co-operate and give us a lovely wekend so we can spill out onto the sidewalk with all the colorful fiber and books and yarn.

New things added to the sale list

  • silk top
  • cotton roving
  • a single treadle Fricke spinning wheel with a woolee winder (not BOGO but a really good discount – currently they are going for $572 – i am selling this one for $300
  • a Hitchhiker spinning wheel – $250
  • back issues of Knitters and Cast On magazines
  • 2006 Crosspatch Creations
  • Romney Color Fancies and Bunny Balls
  • the last of the worsted weight shetland
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