long time gone

This blog has done nothing but generate spam for a very long time. I am trying to figure it out and get current. I am going to take a picture of our campsite and try to figure out how to change the lead photo and add pictures (something i have never been able to figure out.)  I am working on a recaptcha thing to slow the march of spam. Ahhhh the things i will do to avoid paperwork!

Right now i am on my way to Stringtopia in Lebanon, Ohio where i am teaching with Abby Franquemont and Jacey Boggs. I am so looking forweard toto just being there.  Maggie and i have been camped in various place thru out Tennessee and Kentucky and have been working (some), weaving (more) just sitting and watching the wildlife (mostly).  Every time i try to do a little work Maggie decides it is time to sit on the computer – at home she sits in the printer but when she is sitting on the laptop keyboard she definitely gets in the way (or manages to turn the thing off or upside down!)

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