What’s on your needles?

Since the beginning of the year i have been gathering unfinished projects to see what i actually have on needles or bobbins or spindles or looms ~ in other words ~ in progress scattered about or hiding in boxes or bags. So far i know i have the 2 main projects i am actively working on. One is Harmonia’s Rings by Sivia Harding in Spirit Trail Frija (a yarn i am absolutely infatuated with because it is so wonderful to work with). I started it (or rather Jeane deCoster started it for me) at Madrona last year. Cat Bordhi was wearing one and raving about how comfortable it was so i thought i should make one. I was busy in the booth so Jeane did the cast on and knit the first few rows. I worked on it for a while and then set it aside to be rediscovered this winter once i began my archeological dig thru my unfinished projects. My version is double stranded in 2 different color ways and other than the fact that i am knitting to the end of the yarn rather than the end of the pattern – it is almost finished.

My other active project (by active i mean i carry them around with me and work on them at least a little bit every day) is the ABSJ or Adult Baby Surprise Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmerman. I started this one at Lambtown last year. Friends of mine – Nina and Jane, are knitting them for summer camp and it intrigued me so they helped me pick out yarn and i happily started while i was on the road to Rhinebeck. We checked in regularly and i knew from pretty early that something was wrong. I kept writing about the size of the jacket and both reassured me if i had my decreases and increases correct every thing would work out fine. Alas they were wrong! They would have been totally accurate if i had started with the correct number of stitches but apparently no matter how many times i read the pattern i kept missing one crucial piece – multiply the width of your favorite sweater by your gauge. So my gauge was one (no multiplication happened) and i have a finished baby bear surprise jacket. When i got home and showed them my tiny jacket we all got a good laugh and i started again – the first mini jacket is in Malabrigo and the second, more accurately sized restart of the jacket is in the original Terra from the Fibre Company. I had some left from the original milling and the colors and content have changed so i thought i would use what i have left to make a very colorful jacket. I am not very far in but it makes a good easy no brainer project (except for when you pick it up and knit the wrong direction) …… seems like there are possibilities for error in almost any project.

Pictures coming in the morning

This is only the beginning of my list……. So what’s on your needles/bobbins/spindles/looms?

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  1. Kayten says:

    After making 5 or 6 BSJ’s I decided I had no need to refer to the pattern for the net one I tried. I ended up with a bizarrely small sweater, thinking all along, “This yarn doesn’t seem THAT fine.” Upon checking the pattern, I realized I’d neglected the direction: “Knit row 2, and all even rows thereafter.”
    Explains a lot.

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