Betweem Madrona Winter Retreat and Stitches West

Greetings fellow fiberists

sorry to have been so long between posts – somehow the winter just vanished! In the Bay Area it is going back and forth between winter and spring – with some of those wonderful sunny warm days to tease me into thinking that spring is just around the corner.

Last week Maggie and i went to the Madrona Winter Retreat in Tacoma, WA – and what an amazing event that is. This year there were over 700 registered students and i don’t know how many fabulous classes! I love going to fiber events and catching up with all my friends and having the opportunity to make new friends as well.  Linda Cortright of Wild Fibers Magazine was the Saturday evening speaker and it was so wonderful to get to spend even a little time over dinner and get to catch up.  I will see her again at Stitches West but we won’t have even as much time as we did at Madrona – probably not even enough for a real conversation.

Today is Friday – i am about half way in between Madrona and Stitches. I have been repacking and trying like crazy to catch up – there is email and paper work and ads and the Golden Gate Fiber Institute and…. more i am sure but that is what is top of my thoughts. The Institute registration is doing really well and i am drafting a welcome letter to all the students. I am soooooo excited about our teachers and classes this year. So it is actually hard to focus on Stitches West and i really really need to! There are boxes to pack and yarn and needles to order and signs to make and AAAAHHHH! I would so rather knit -)

But focused or not – i will see you at Stitches West in a few days!

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