Black Sheep Gathering is Just Around the Corner

Greetings and Salutations (as Charlotte would say)

I am getting ready for Black sheep Gathering and i am soooo excited and for several reasons. first as always BSG falls at the same time of year as Summer Solstice and my anniversary. This year Lann and i celebrate our 30th anniversary. It really falls while we are packing and getting ready to go but we will celebrate at one of our favorite campgrounds on our way north. I have many fond memories of sitting at a campfire in Salt Point State Park along the coast in Northern California watching the wildlife in what we called wildlife theater (a big old live oak that had a long arching branch under which we watched foxes, rabbits, raccoon, deer, birds and mice all wander thru our campsite over a long lazy weekend.) We would sit up late sipping champagne and telling our story to each other, recalling memories and making new ones. We have not been back to Salt Point in a few years – there was a big fire in the campground and surrounding area and it has changed so dramatically it is hard to return, but we have new favorite places and we plan to spend out night under the stars telling our story to each other and the night.

I am excited because i will be able to share the driving again. I have been unable to drive until this past week and i doubt i can do the long hours i have done in the past but i have begun to practice and each day my ankle gets stronger and so i will at least be able to help. Hooray!!!! (And a good thing as i have decided to add Stitches Midwest to my show schedule this year and i am doing the drive with my delightful non-driving cat – Maggie!)

I have at least 2 more reasons for excitement – new spindles from TexasJeans and Fiber Optic!!!!  I first saw Fiber Optic hand dyed fiber 3 or 4 years ago and have wanted it since that time. Kimber is an amazing dyer and her hand dyed fibers are just to die for! I will have a limited quantity so don’t delay. The fiber is meeting me in Eugene so i won’t have any here for pictures but i do have 1 of her gradient braids in the YarnV- so when i pick it up from Half Moon Bay on Friday i will grab it and get a picture.

Texas Jeans spindles are also new to me – saw them for the first time at Maryland. They will be here tomorrow also and i will take pictures as soon as they arrive. I think you will love them!

See you at BSG!

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