Travel Notes

Good morning world. I keep meaning to sit down and write a long post about the power of weather and this trip has just been so long and hard (with all the WEATHER) that by the end of the day all i want to do is play with a couple of road weary cats, eat something and sleep!!! There has been no energy for writing or spinning or of anything.

I have a long list of things i have not gotten to: my lovely entrelac shawl that i wanted to have finished for the SOAR gallery, the scrumptious Abby Batt that i held out to spin (a gorgeous blue with pygora from Peppermint Pastures) sits in its little bag unspun, my horoscope shawl is off the loom and needs a net of knots for the fringe and its picture taken, i started some arm warmers and have knitted about 6 rows, and the list goes on. This list of course does not count the phone calls, emails and assorted businessy things i should have gotten done from the road. These days i try to plan in a “work” dcay – a day where i can sleep in a bit, get my laundry done, really walk the cats, and catch up on the business of Carolina Homespun and the Golden Gate Fiber Institute. This tip has been hard and fast and there was no time for a work day.

Last night i did find an RV place with a hot tub and that 20 minutes of  soaking bliss felt wonderful and much needed. Today we will get into Sunriver andjoin in the wonderful communtiy that is SOAR. I hope to have a moment to catch up with Judith about GGFI, have dinner with Jacey Boggs to talk about her class at the 2010 institute, check in with Tina about the class in Washington and…. plus there is set up the booth and try to figure out which things to fit into a very small 8X10 booth.  This year it will be hard because i really have some wonderful new things. Maybe  i can display them here since there will not be room in the booth for all of them!

Right now it is time to  pack up and hit the road – groceries and a post office have to happen before we get to Sunriver!

Pictures and links when i get there….

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