Update from the Road

Blessed Beltane one and all!

Cinco de Mayo has come and gone and so has Beltane, Stitches South and Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival. Maggie, Merlin and I are still on the road – now headed for Portland and TKGA.

This trip we have made a big loop around the country and gotten to see some new places in the process. We drove out toward Atlanta on interstate 40 (part of which is the mother road – Route 66) and now we are going back west along the northern route – through North Dakota and Montana. Along the way we stopped at the Yoder Popcorn Factory and bought red popcorn, followed horse drawn buggies thru the verdant Indiana countryside, got fresh cheese curds in Wisconsin and drove thru a couple of erious thunderstorms!. The Amish quilts i saw in Shipshewanna are to die for and so is the popcorn from Yoder’s! I even got a new teacup for our weaving class afternoon teas. (pictures coming soon- at least of the teacup)

Today is the first day i have seen blue sky in what feels like forever and tonight i got to watch a beautiful sunset in the western sky while the full moon rose in the east.

Did I ever get a chance to say I got great help in Atlanta? Well I did! Thank you so much Deborah, Nada and Tina!!!! Lann and I could not have done it without you.

more soonest

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